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I really, REALLY wanted to like this book. I am not a hard fan to please, not by a long shot. Knowing I cannot change anything that has happened in a book that has already gone to print, I try to look for the good in the book and latch onto that.

That being said, this is easily the worst Star Wars book I've ever read. It's not the events that happened that I didn't like, it was the execution. If they're going to kill Caedus, so be it, but all I ask is that it's done right. In my opinion, it couldn't have been done more wrong.

As someone who has been obsessed with the Solo twins since I was 12 years old, I had high expectations of their final duel. All I wanted was for it to be extremely emotional, and in my opinion, it wasn't. Not even the vignettes, or the jokes at the start of the chapters, was enough to inject emotion into the final fight and the aftermath. You might argue that it was emotional, but let me just point out that not a single person shed ONE tear in this book.

That, coupled with the ridiculously rushed ending and Luke's total change of character (obviously, that's subjective, but it's definitely how I perceived it), left me completely dissatisfied. That's saying a lot, because I can usually find SOME good in any book. I don't think I've ever said I "hated" a Star Wars book until now. Not even Planet of Twilight was this bad.

It all seemed very contrived to me (or more contrived than usual). It was like it was a rough sketch of plot points to involve characters in without any development whatsoever. All anyone seemed capable of feeling was a pang of guilt. I'm not asking for in-depth character studies, but a little emotion would have been nice.

The final battle was mundane, and even the plot didn't seem fleshed out. It opened a lot of questions that were never answered. For instance: what about the Fifth Fleet bombing Mandalore to slag? And what about the clones still on Mandalore with that nanovirus floating around? The nanovirus in general was a quick fix because it seemed to me that Denning wanted nothing to do with writing Mandalorians.

Everything seems all shiny at the end because the war's over, but does anyone else wonder what happened to Wedge, Tycho, and Corellia considering that's where the whole affair started?

Invincible: a brief review

Well, since the unabridged version hasn't been released via national library service for the blind, I picked up the abridgement on Friday. A part of me was expecting a more ferocious lightsaber duel between brother and sister. I've always been a huge fan of the Mandalorians, so I was hoping to see more of them. And since I'm not able to read the Legacy comics and have been wanting to know about this mysterious One Sith concept, I was disappointed that they weren't included in the book. Well, not in the abridgement anyway. I was really hoping for a battle over or on the planet Ziost, but a lightsaber duel aboard a Star Destroyer was just as good.
I'm not really certain as to how I feel about the direction the Star Wars novels are going. I miss Luke, Han, and Leia taking center stage but that's because I grew up reading stories about them. It feels to me as if Luke isn't given much screen time when it comes to duels or battles anymore. But it was great to see Ben stepping up in all 9 books.
I have a very wild imagination and was hoping for more action in this final novel. No, I wasn't looking for yet another battle of Coruscant because those have been done before. But I remember a portion of one of the audio books in Legacy of the Force where someone, I think it was Caetus, had a vision of a vast battle being fought over a world like Ziost. I really wanted to see that battle taking place in space and on the ground. I know it had no strategic significance to the War, but it would have been more climactic. I really enjoyed the novel though. I've been waiting for the fight between Caetus and Jaina and I was treated to two rather than one. But the novels hardly ever go into anything concerning the Sith and since I'm unable to read the comics, was hoping for at least one or two scenes on Korriban. Wookieepedia's what I resort to when interested in the Sith Order, but it'd be nice to see them in a few books. Looking up facts concerning them is a blast, but I'd love to see more comic characters included in the EU novels.
I couldn't put Invincible down once I started listening. So I did enjoy it. Actionwise, it was amazing but I wanted more. I wanted to see Fett take a few shots at Caetus too. I felt like they were setting us up for a battle between those two earlier on, but no go there. And I'm wondering what in the world is going to happen next. Where are they going to go with this epic series? I did enjoy LOTF, but as usual, I wanted more in the action department and it just felt rather rushed. Not bad though. Not bad at all. If its Star Wars, I never say no to it and I always enjoy it.

I came in expecting to love this book. Troy Denning has been my favorite addition to the pool of Star Wars novelists since the NJO. But his one... didn't quite do it for me. I didn't hate it, but there was something missing. It felt like there were a lot of plots left dangling, especially with no real mention of Corellia, which started the whole war. And the final lightsaber duel between Jaina and Caedus was flat, especially taking into consideration how much I enjoyed the force battle between Luke and Caedus at the end of Inferno. Zekk's disappearance at the end also felt a little too much like Raynar Thul's in Star by Star: he's out there and he'll be back! My personal jury is still out on Alanna being with the Solos. I've always loved how Denning writes Han and Leia (good material with the tqo of them together was also missing here), but as he's not writing the netx book dealing with this, I don't know quite where that's going. There were a few good points for me. Jaina, who has in general read as a flat character to me (especially since I never read the Young Jedi Knights books, I think) has becoem a lot more well-rounded in the past couple books, and I've liked watching Ben's development. And as someone who always digs the Empire, the placement at the end of Jag in there, and dealing with the Moffs, not only pleased me but does help set up Legacy and the Fel dynasty. All-in-all, okay, but by no means great.

Yeah, I agree with pretty much everyone on here. I kind of expected the final battle between Jaina and Jacen to be a little more epic.

I liked that Allana is with Han and Leia now... but I thought all the nanokiller stuff was terribly contrived. If I'm not mistaken, they didn't introduce anything like this in earlier books, right? I mean, besides Alpha Red - which was different. Frustrating. The book was pretty short - I think 299 pages, which when Denning churned out Star by Star, was kind of disappointing as well, especially with how rushed the ending seemed.

Also kind of annoyed with the Zekk disappearance. JUST KILL HIM. I like Denning, but I agree with an above poster - it smacks of Raynar, and Jag even, in The Swarm War. Apparently Denning has a thing with letting character's futures hang wide open.

God, okay... I'm sorry if I sound rude or anything, but I think this entire series started out okay, but just went downhill real fast. With this last book, I was hoping... praying... that there would be an unanticipated twist at the end... one that made reading all nine books worth it, when it all came down to it. But it was all, disappointingly, pretty much what we were expecting.

I am just... so appalled at this storyline. I feel that they've mangled the characters beyond recognition. I did tell myself, "don't read this book, you'll hate it," and wow, I should've listened. I should've stopped several books ago, actually, but I had been such a solid Star Wars fan before, I continued mostly out of obligation but also hope that everything would right itself. But I think this series is basically the worst thing EVER, and the first Star Wars thing (out of all the movies, books, insane specials, whatever), that I truly, and utterly hated.

I am just so flabbergasted at why they would spend years and years and so very many books showing us Han and Leia's children as they were kids... progressing to teenagers, and the twins training together at the Jedi Academy and just relying on each other and simply being there.... to the Yuuzhan Vong war, and the journey that each of them took. God, the novel Traitor is just about my favorite thing in the entire Star Wars universe... Jacen's journey is so heart wrenching and emotional... and takes every preconceived notion the reader has about the Force, light and dark, good and evil, and just rips it to shreds before rebuilding it. That book is sheer brilliance.

And now that just all seems like it was for nothing. All the emotional investment the reader has in Jacen and Jaina, and they decide to end it like this?? And I agree with everyone in that there was hardly any emotion at the end, and if they were, invariably, going to end it that way, it should've have gotten much better treatment.

I want to write angry letters telling them they took a massively wrong turn. This isn't how it was supposed to go.


(I didn't mean to go on a rant here and I may be the only one who feels this way. But God. Just. Seriously.)

As someone who had followed the Solo twins since birth, this whole SERIES has just been so disappointing for me.

I hate what they did to Jacen.

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