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Well, it's been a while since I did the news updates, but new year and all..

Upcoming. Over at CJ (cj_rss,) James talks to John Jackson Miller about Knight Errant. The paperback tie-in to the new comic series is out next week.

First look. Paul S. Kemp’s Riptide, sequel to last year’s Crosscurrent.

Column. Chris at EU Cantina (eucantina) takes a look back at cancelled books, comics and games.

Thrawn trilogy. A special anniversary edition of Heir to the Empire is in the works. Check out a preliminary cover and a few details.

Blogging. Authors Troy Denning, John Jackson Miller, and Joe Schreiber are guest blogging on Border's Babel Clash blog.

List. CJ's top ten Star Wars books of 2010.

Neat stuff. Grant Gould's (grantgould) Thrawn: Legacy; The galaxy map from The Essential Atlas has been making the rounds.

Expanded Universe Group Readalong!
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I've been planning on going back through and reading some of the (post-RotJ, including SotE though, hehe) EU books, then a couple friends had mentioned they kind of wanted to do the same. So we figured we'd do it together and invite everyone to the party of craziness that will be taking place as we go through each book!

There will be discussions, MS Paint fun, theories and all kinds of other junk. So stop by and join us here if you'd like to read any (or all, if you are that brave/crazy adventurous) of the books after Return of the Jedi! :D

12 icons; star wars expanded universe
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12 Star Wars Expanded Universe icons


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HERE at goldenroseicons

Calling all EU costumers!
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With more people getting into the Expanded Universe, the number of EU costumes is always on the rise! Awhile back I made a site dedicated to collecting pictures and little profiles of EU costumers and the creations they've made. I figured expanding a little now could work since there are more people with EU costumes these days (yay! :D) so I'll be updating the website very soon with new members and pictures. The site/group also includes parody costumes - different versions of movie characters (steampunk versions, gender reversal, etc.) and so on.

There is also a livejournal community (outlanders) and now a Facebook Group as well (depending on your preferred form of communication/group chat/so on XD). So if you are an EU costumer and would like to talk to others in the same ship (costume help, general EU chatter, etc.) please join the LJ or the FB group and feel free to send me your profile information and pictures if you would like to be a member of the site! :D

Anyone going to Celebration V next week?
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If so, has a couple of things going on for EU fans there...

Hello community
Hey, where did everybody go?

The Courtship of Princess Leia
And The Courtship of Princess Leia bites the dust in my re-read. I had remembered it being kind of silly, but the story really isn''s just the dialogue.

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Topps Galaxy Cards... for dummies?
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Can someone explain how the Star Wars Galaxy series of cards is laid out, for me?

I discovered that there are cards floating around in the series that portray Darth Revan, Talon Karrde, and some members of Rogue Squadron, and I'm dying to get my grubby little fingers on them. I can't seem to find the cards available individually, however.

Before I go ahead and purchase a "complete 120 card set" off of ebay, I want to make sure I'm getting the right thing. I think the cards portraying the specific EU characters I'm after are "hobby insert" cards. Are "hobby inserts" alternate/unfinished versions of "set cards," or are they a completely different animal?

Does anyone know of a site that catalogs all of the cards available in the series?

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor
I just finished Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor in my Great Chronological Read/Reread, and I've got to say, my feelings are quite mixed.

spoilers for this book and mentions of future plot lines that are alluded to in this bookCollapse )


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