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Star Wars: Expanded Universe

Beyond the Films

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Star Wars books, novels, and comics.
Welcome to starwars_eu, a place to sit back and discuss Expanded Universe novels/comics, relate upcoming news, and enthuse over your favorite and not-so-favorite characters. Please keep in mind, however, that this is a community for the Star Wars Expanded Universe, not for discussion of the Star Wars films themselves. Any movie discussion not related to the EU is off-topic. If you're looking just to talk about the films, try starwars. (Things like The Clone Wars and The Force Unleashed are a gray area, and posts will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)


1. This is not a hate community. If you don't like something, say feel free to say why, but be polite while doing it. There's nothing wrong with having an opinion, but being a jerk about it is just rude.

2. Spoilers. General information is fine, but if you want to discuss specific plot points in a post, please use a clearly labeled lj-cut. There are EU fans of all levels present, and not everyone may have read what you're discussing.

3. This is not a role-playing community, but as RPG books are often used for background information, the subject may come up.

4. Images (like covers and fan art) should be linked or placed behind a lj-cut. Since EU icons are still fairly rare, you can post them here, with no more than 4 outside of a lj-cut or link.

5. Off topic posts, spamming, blatant advertising etc. will be deleted.

6. Do not post links to pirated copies of novels/comics/movies/etc.

7. This is not a fanfic community; please do not post your own stories. There are many communities on LJ for posting/reading fan fiction: you can find some of them via this post at our sister community. Pimping fics is also prohibited, although fic communities that fall within our advertising guidelines (see below) are fine.

Links of interest
- Our Expanded Universe FAQ (a little outdated but still pretty solid: Update expected soonish.)
- Star Wars Timeline Gold
- Galactic Basic timeline
- Del Rey's Timeline
- Dark Horse timeline

swclonewars: Community for The Clone Wars animated movie and tv show.
marafics: Mara Jade fan fiction.
swrecs: Star Wars fan fiction recommendations.
sw_legacyera: Focus on the Legacy era.
cj_rss: LJ feed for Club Jade.
#eu: Expanded Universe chat.

Posting links to EU sites or other Livejournal communities is allowed on a limited basis. Your site or community MUST be relevant to the Expanded Universe, and your post tasteful: no large images, giant fonts, or blinking text. If you're unsure, PM or email duncatra.